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Who we are

Ours is a young Company which started its business in 2006 in Recco, a small Town in the Gulf Paradise Riviera in the province of Genoa. It was born out of the experience and passion of its owner, Mirko Alboino, who wished to bring into every Italian home and also abroad, some of the Ligurian traditional cuisine specialities, such as the Genoese Focaccia with Olive Oil, the chickpea Farinata and most of all the well-known Focaccia with cheese, two sheets of thin unleavened hand-stretched pasta, filled with soft fresh stracchino cheese.

Our Mission

We are committed in produce high quality products through carefully selecting and strictly controlling the raw materials, the manufacturing process, the food preservation and the work environment.
Freezing to preserve our beloved traditional taste while combining quality and convenience are our main purposes.

Our Products

There are lots of typical Ligurian products which are currently distributed with our own brand. Besides the Focaccia with cheese, over time other products have been added: The Focaccia “Pizzata”, with cheese and tomato sauce, the Focaccia with cheese and Genoese Pesto sauce, the Genoese Focaccia with onions and a new line of small Focaccia called «Le Golose» which includes amongst others, the Focaccina with cheese and mushrooms, the Focaccina with cheese and truffle and the Focaccina with Gianduja cream.

Our Brand

Antica Forneria di Recco operates in the NORMAL TRADE, LARGE-SCALE DISTRIBUTION and HO.RE.CA, both in Italy and abroad.

All our products are available in different sizes and packaging both for the Large-Scale Distribution and for Food Service.

In fact, single-served packs are available in the main supermarket chains with our own brand Antica Forneria di Recco or with private labels.

Check the back of the packaging, if you read: made by Proforec Srl – Via Pisa 109, Recco (GE), that’s us! 


Every Year we attend many trade Exhibitions and Italian industry events with our own booth.